What are the benefits of promized classes?

With identical headings and similar teaching methods anywhere in the world, these classes allow you to enjoy the same educational facilities whether you are in a border town or in the heart of the capital. They cancel the unfair training due to the reason that you are not in a big city or because you do not have a lot of money.


Part of the classes held online with Arabic film and voice allows you to learn more details and enjoy many more hours than in-person classes.

With this in mind, this part of the training is not different from sitting in the in-person classroom and it is much more useful because you can watch the lessons at your appropriate time repeatedly and you no longer have to travel long distances to attend a two-hour class.

Promizad has trained and experienced trainers in different cities of Iran and around the world that may be exactly in your neighborhood.

You do not need to pay extra money to go to another city to attend the in-person classes. The quality of these classes is not different from those in big cities and countries.